BOOKS - Tarrafal (signed) BOOKS - Tarrafal (signed)

Tarrafal (signed)

In dialogue with his grandfather, a political prisoner along with the only images ever made inside of the "camp of slow death", João Pina records the historical memory of Tarrafal in this book.

172 photographs printed in full-color and tritone
9×7.5 inches (228 x 186 mm)
284 pages
2 gate-folds and 5 fold-outs
Design by Stuart Smith
1st edition - April 2024
English edition (blue cover) - GOST
Portuguese edition (green cover) - Tinta-da-China
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BOOKS - Tarrafal (signed)
BOOKS - 46750 (signed)

46750 (signed)

46750 is a visual account of the city’s last decade, a portrait of the so-called “wonder city”, with all its contrasts and complexities. 46,750 is also the number of homicides that occurred in Rio de Janeiro’s metropolitan area during the decade between 2007 and 2016, the time during which João Pina worked there; that’s an average of 13 homicides per day.

67 photographs printed in tritone
10×8 inches (240 x 200 mm)
146 pages
4 gate-folds and 9 inserts
9 previously unpublished poems by Viviane Salles
Design by Ramon Pez
1st edition - May 2018
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BOOKS - 46750 (signed)
BOOKS - CONDOR (signed)

CONDOR (signed)

Detailing the clandestine campaign of Operation Condor—a secret military plan implemented in 1975 by six Latin American countries ruled by right-wing military dictatorships to eliminate their political opponents—this book stands as a tribute to the memory of the victims who lost their lives in the brutal violence. For nearly a decade, author João Pina, traveled extensively through Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay to document what is left of the Condor years and report on a plan that resulted in extrajudicial executions dozens of thousands of people.

8 x 8 in (206 x 206 mm)
246 pages
2 four-panel gatefolds
24 pages brochure
175 photographs
Foreword: Jon Lee Anderson
Afterword: Baltasar Garzón
Design: Pedro Serpa
1st edition - September 2014
2nd edition - June 2016
3rd edition - April 2017

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BOOKS - CONDOR (signed)
BOOKS - Por teu livre pensamento (out of print)

Por teu livre pensamento (out of print)

This story means much more to me than just photography. It is about my own heritage as a young man. It is about me, even if it happened many years before I was born. It is about a very small group of people that were arrested, tortured and sentenced to many years in jail because they thought differently. Both my grandparents were part of this group. My grandmother Albertina Diogo and my grandfather Guilherme da Costa Carvalho (who died in 1973) were members of the Portuguese communist party and fought with their ideals against a fascist regime that lasted for 48 years in Portugal making it the longest dictatorial regime of western Europe in the XX century.

9 x 9 in (228 x 228 mm)
192 pages
55 photographs printed in duotone
Text by Rui Daniel Galiza
1st edition - April 2007
ISBN - 978-97-2371-186-8
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João Pina - Photographer

João Pina is a freelance photographer born in Portugal in 1980. He began working as a professional photographer at age eighteen, and graduated from the International Center of Photography's Photojournalism and Documentary Photography program in New York in 2005. Pina's photographs have been published in D Magazine, Days Japan, El Pais, Expresso, GEO, La Vanguardia, New York Times, New Yorker, Newsweek, Stern, Time, and Visão, among others.
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